Climate change is a clear and present danger but chief meteorologist Ginger Zee finds that it can be hard to get people to take it seriously. But then one day she got an idea of how she could get more of her followers to listen to the message she was trying to convey. She couldn’t help but notice that the IG pictures of her body would get a lot more views than the ones she posted about climate change. So she decided to combine the two in an effort to get more people to listen to what she had to say. As such, she began posting a lot of pictures of her body so that they would pay attention to the captions. It was not long before people began to take notice of this but it soon became clear that she had a hidden agenda to educate people about global warming. In her post, she said that the kind of stories she posts about climate change only get a few views.

But she hopes to increase that number using these pictures of her. She has noted that it does especially affect those in TX, FL, LA, CA, and the pacific northwest. One of her posts was about how septic tanks are poisoning nature and she hopes to get rid of many of them in the future. For those who don’t live in those states, she made it clear that they can help by recycling all of their plastic to ensure it does not go into the storm drain and prevent it from polluting the environment. If we let that trash get into the sewer, it will eventually get to the ocean where it pollutes the water and kills all of the wildlife that lives down there. Although this has upset some people on social media, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that it has been able to get the job done as more people are now doing their part to ensure they leave the world in a better state than they found it. So what kind of pics has she been posting over the years? Well, it varies from one instance to the next.

One of the first pictures was of her in a dress with the end pulled up a bit to grab the attention of as many people as she could. The next was of her in a sports bra and shorts to ensure that people were focused on what she had to say. She posted another one of her looking quite fetching in a new black sweater and skirt as well as one of her in a mesh top and black shorts. She then went on to post one of her in a swimsuit and another in which she sported a patterned multi-color bikini. She made sure to caption her photos with the phrase please read so that people will listen to what she is trying to tell them and it does seem to be working in the long run. As she looks to the future of her career, she says she does not know if she will continue to do this in the long run but, as long as it seems to be working, she does not see herself slowing down anytime soon.