Anyone who’s ever watched the show Melrose Place remembers Heather Locklear. Today Heather looks nothing like her former self as a recent photo of her appeared along with fiance Chris Heister. Both Heather and Chris had been searching for antiques at an antique mall in Agoura Hills of California. The couple browsed through Whizin Market Square, another favored spot with a location near Locklear’s home. The actress lives in a home that includes 8000 square feet in Westlake Village. Her six-bedroom and eight-bathroom house is worth 4.8 million on the market and is only a few miles from the antique mall where she and her fiance search for antiques, but Chris isn’t just her fiance but Locklear’s high school sweetheart.

Now that she has some free time from television, Locklear has put more focus on herself and her soon-to-be husband. She is happy with her life and spends her time with Chris hunting for new treasures in those shops at Whizin Market Square, which is so close to her home. One photo showed the actress looking natural and not donning her engagement ring. Still, the pair appeared happy while in each other’s company and shopping at the center. People who have seen the lovebirds reported they seem more like a couple who had been married for a long time. Locklear has transformed since entering a rehabilitation center in 2018. The media had exploded with publishing her difficulties on substance abuse a few ago. Now, Locklear seems to have made a change for the better, as she enjoys her time out with Chris. The picture highlighted Locklear not wearing a mask and, according to one report, no makeup. Her fiance had his mask over his face. A witness of the pair adventuring at the antique mall claimed the couple was enjoying themselves as they searched through different stores.

According to the source, they seem to enjoy each other’s company. “They are very comfortable together. Heather seems like she can relax and just be herself,” said the witness. Chris proved he was a gentleman by waiting patiently for Heather outside. “He was really into it,” claimed the witness. The happy couple was seen wearing similar color outfits with a blacktop. Heather’s top was made of a Lauren Moshi logo biting lip. Chris simply had on a black polo shirt. The source reported to Daily Mail Heather took charge while Chris followed as they sought through the shops, looking for the right gift. Someone spotted the actress clutching a little bag in her hand as the duo exited the antique shop. Whatever her fiance commented on, it brought laughter from Locklear. The happy couple seemed to have everything going their way, and Heather was viewed to have shown her engagement ring off while in public. Still, in past ventures, Heather has also been spotted without Heisser. One example occurred during March. Seen shopping at a shopping mall with her friend, Heather had no ring on her finger.