On Wednesday, famous sports anchor Dan O’Toole posted a distressing announcement via his Instagram account that his daughter had gone missing. The post appeared along with a black and white photo of his young daughter wrapped in a blanket. His daughter, named Oakland Eleanor Sandra Newman O’Toole, is just a month old and the announcement came as a shock to many people. Her father, Dan O’Toole, is devastated following the incident since Oakland is still very young and totally dependent on her parents. The father of three believes that she is still alive. O’Toole and his family have been relentless on the search, and have been trying to locate Oakland before something terrible happens to their beloved daughter, should she be in the wrong hands. Many are hoping that the infant is returned safely to her parents. It was only a few weeks earlier that O’Toole had announced the joyous news of Oakland’s arrival in an Instagram post. He shared a cute picture of his newborn daughter alongside a heartwarming caption expressing his happiness and love for her! She has been ‘taken’ just a few days into her new life.

O’Toole was previously married but is now divorced from his now ex-wife. Following the incident, some fans turned to Twitter to accuse his ex-wife Corrie O’Toole of being responsible for the ‘kidnapping’ of the child. To clarify on the same, O’Toole later updated his Instagram post, clearly announcing that his amazing ex-wife had nothing to do with the ‘kidnapping’ of Oakland and that she should be left alone. She was distressed just as he was. O’Toole has been using all he can to find his beloved daughter, and he contacted the Toronto Police Department to seek their help on the matter. However, the Toronto Police Department told people that at the moment, they had no report of a missing child relating to Dan O’Toole. In addition, no amber alert had been released regarding the same. 

In a surprising turn of events, O’Toole revealed that his daughter had just been found but he had neither seen nor held her yet. The overjoyed father shared that the police informed him at 12:07 that his daughter was found and that she was safe with her mother. Police officers were said to be with the mother and child on Thursday, a day following her disappearance. The case was later closed. O’Toole also addressed some internet trolls who had attacked and bashed him for fearing for his daughter’s safety. He hopes that none of them should go through the same ordeal. Dan O’Toole is still shaken by the event and says he just wants his beloved daughter back and cannot wait to hold her in his arms again.