When you go to a cemetery, you might expect to see a ghost or two or even a headstone but most people do not think they will come across a clump of hair. But that is exactly what happened to Joel Morrison of Sacramento. It seems the 37-year-old handyman paid a visit to the saint joseph catholic cemetery when he just so happened to stumble upon a grave that is over 100 years old with human hair sticking out from under the headstone. At first, he says he was not sure if what he was seeing was even real but it soon became clear that this was not a dream. When he realized it was actual hair, he said that it was quite gross. The video he posted to tik tok shows the tuft of hair so that all of his new followers get the chance to see it for themselves. In the video, he points it out before cussing for a good long while. The janitor of the cemetery says he feels bad for the old family members who come to visit every now & then.

It seems he has also seen a lot of other gravesites get desecrated by woodland creatures such as squirrels & the like. One of the comments on the video was quick to point out just how freaky the vid really is while another said it was the scariest thing she had ever seen. Of course, some of them have more of a sense of humor about it & said that he should pull on the hair to see if it will scream or not. Of course, there are some out there who have a bit more of a rational explanation for how this came to be in the first place. Many think there was some sort of weather event or natural disaster that may have led to the corpse moving around. It seems it is a quite common occurrence when there is a flood or heavy rain. It seems that this is much more common when someone is buried not too far from a tree & this is what they think may have happened to the body.

Another person online had a theory that an animal may have found the hole & tried to make a nest out of it which resulted in the hair jutting out of the ground. But Morrison seems to have his own theory that is not too far off from that. He thinks the roots from the nearby tree grew into the grave which weakened the structural integrity of the concrete barrier & pushed the remains up to the surface. Then once the grave had been opened up, it was open season for animals of all kinds to swoop in & try to make it their new home. The bad news is he did not get more of a chance to prove their theory even further as when he returned the next day the hair was now gone. They think one of the groundskeepers came back & pushed the body back into the hole so as not to creep anyone out. But Morrison does intend to give some of his hair to the coroner to see if it was in fact human.