Nichole Thomson recently gave birth to a baby who did not make it but in spite of this, there was still a happy ending for her and Chase, her husband. When she woke up one day, she was not due for about a month but still felt as if she were in labor. So Chase got her to the hospital as soon as he could and the doctors were quick to rush her into the ER to prep for surgery. They already had 3 kids but were still quite ebullient about having a 4th. In a recent statement, she said that she had been in and out of the hospital for a few days due to the fact that she had been having these contractions. While she was sure that she was in labor, all of the test results pointed to the contrary. She found that the kicking would console her but she couldn’t shake the fact that something did not feel right to her.

In February 2017, things started to go south. She went into labor and the doctors used ultrasound to determine that she needed to have a c section if the baby were to have any hope of making it out alive. While she was being rushed from one room to the next, she tried to call chase to get him up to speed on what was happening but he did not pick up on account of the fact that the call was coming from a private number. The good news is she was soon able to get a hold of her mom who was with him at the moment and she was able to deliver the news to him that way. Without missing a beat, he got to the hospital as fast as he could and when he got there, he found that they were using CPR on the baby. It got to the point where they asked him if they wanted him to stop and he made the tough decision to say yes. They wrapped her in a blanket and let him hold their stillborn baby one last time before saying goodbye to her.

They lost Esther Mae that day but the one thing they did not lose was hope. You see after the farewell service they held for her, something miraculous happened. Just a few months later, Nichole woke up and barfed into the toilet. She was not sure what was happening so she opted to go to the doctor to see what was going on. He confirmed what they had been suspecting all along. She was pregnant again with another girl. So she made sure to do everything she could to keep the baby happy and healthy. It all paid off when Primrose Ivy was first brought into the world on February 5, 2018, as they welcomed their 4th child into their loving family. This all happened just 3 days after Esther would have turned one. In a statement, Nichole said that she believes Esther chose her sister to go and be with them on that day, and now their world is just a little bit brighter with this new member of the family. They are just reassured by the fact that Esther is now in a better place.