People go out to eat all the time but never think it will turn into a horror film. Such is the case for Estefany Benitez who, much to her shock uncovered a rotting human finger in her burger when she went out to a place called the hot burger store in a city known as Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia. She was quick to post her disgust on Facebook when she shared an image of it that quickly went viral. In the post, she talks about the moment she realized she was gnawing on a finger and the horror she experienced after the fact. It happened Sunday at which point she filmed a video where she sarcastically sang the praises of the restaurant. She went on to report the incident to one of the managers and this was caught on video as well. He offered to do whatever it takes to make it right and told her he was determined to rectify this in any way he could. He also said the burgers arrive there pre-made and this type of thing has never happened before.

But this did not seem to do it for her. One of the representatives offered to close down the fast-food joint but then they later went on to serve food as if nothing had ever even happened. As the post caught fire on the web one of them called it an unfortunate event and said that one of the staff had lost part of their finger when they were making one of the burgers which seems to contradict what they said before. So it is not really clear who is telling the truth here. But the cops did soon confirm this story and it was not long before this one went way up the ladder. News of this soon got to the office of the vice minister of Bolivia who opted to shut it down for a bit. But it is not clear how long this will last and whether or not they will face any consequences as a result of this. It is also not clear at this time whether Benitez plans to press charges against them.

As it happens, this is not even the first time someone has found a body part in one of the pieces of food they ordered. Back in 2019, there was a couple over in the UK who claimed there was a tooth in their Chinese food when they went to get take out. Of course, we all make a mistake from time to time but it does seem important that they learn from this and try to do better in the future. This will help to ensure that this hopefully does not ever occur again. At this time, it is not clear whether she has any plans to go back at any point in the future but based on the incident, it does not seem likely she will go on to be a regular anytime soon. The joke online seems to be that this fast food place literally gave her the finger but she does not seem to be able to find much humor in this type of event. It seems only time will tell what will become of the hot burger store.