Lerynne West, of Iowa, bought lottery tickets for many years before she had a big win. She always believed that it would happen if it was meant to be, and one day shortly after she moved into her first home, she won big. She and her sister had taken a break from unpacking her new home to get something to eat. While at the gas station, Lerynne decided to pick up a lottery ticket, as she often did. She allowed the computer to pick her numbers and didn’t think much of it. She even ended up leaving the lottery ticket in her sister’s car at the end of the day.

When Lerynne West’s friend told her to check her ticket to see if she was a winner, she realized what she had done. Hearing that it was someone from Iowa who had won, she asked her sister to find the Powerball ticket for her. It was a huge surprise when she found out that she was a winner of three and a half million dollars. Lerynne’s life was changed in an instant, and she decided to quit her job. She didn’t consider keeping all of the money for herself, though, but she also decided to set up a foundation to give back. She named the charity The Callum Foundation, after the grandson she had lost. Her baby grandson had passed away shortly after being born prematurely.

Lerynne comes from a military family and has a passion for those who have served. Her father and three brothers were all in the military, and she decided that her first big donation from her charity would go toward helping service members. She donated half a million dollars to the Travis Mills Foundation, which helps those who have been injured in the service. Lerynne also has plans to donate to various other causes, including charities that help those in poverty and animals in need. She has always had a passion for giving back and thought that if she were to win the lottery, she would find ways to do that. Her foundation is doing a lot not only with her money but also with grants. She got it set up so that it could start receiving grants a few years ago. She is doing all that she can for her community through her foundation, and those in the area believe she was the right person to win that much money in the lottery. She is generous and has found many ways to help others when she could have just kept the money to herself with dreams and plans for all that she could do with it in that way, as most people would when they win the lottery.