Recently, a restaurant owner in Florida announced that they will not serve customers who support President Joe Biden. The owner of the restaurant posted a sign informing anyone who goes into the establishment that they will not be welcome if they voted for Biden during the election of 2020. With the sign, the restaurant owner clearly stated that anyone who supports Joe Biden will need to take their business elsewhere. Another statement on the sign also revealed that Joe Biden and his administration were complicit in the deaths of military servicemen and women.

The sign was displayed in the window of the DeBary Diner in DeBary, Florida located in Volusia County. This message was displayed by the owner of the establishment Angie Ugarte. With the sign, Ugarte has made it very clear that she only wants to serve those who support former president Donald Trump or those who are political independents. Shortly after an attack by the new terrorist organization ISIS K in Afghanistan which killed 13 military servicemen and women along with 200 civilians, Ugarte announced that she would no longer allow Biden supporters into her establishment. The sign has stirred up a lot of controversy as many people and media outlets believe that it attacks people who have certain political beliefs. As a result, they should not be excluded just because they support a particular political official and his administration. Ugarte decided to display the sign in an effort to provide support for military veterans. Those who served in the military make up a majority of her customers. As a result, she wanted to show her support for them by disallowing people who support a President who she believes was responsible for the deaths of 13 military personnel in Afghanistan. In a statement, Ugarte said that she does not want the business of anyone who supports Biden and his administration.

With the sign, Ugarte set a precedent for the rest of the nation. Her diner has motivated many other restaurant owners in Florida and in the United States to follow suit by displaying signs that ban supporters of Joe Biden. The new trend will continue to develop controversy but also provide support for military veterans who are unhappy about the government’s decision to leave Afghanistan. During the administration of Donald Trump, there were many establishments that banned his supporters. While this was controversial, it motivated political conservatives to eventually counter this type of policy. With the election of Joe Biden along with many believing that Trump lost due to voter fraud, conservatives believe that they can set their own policies to stand up to political liberals and those who opposed former President Donald Trump. In the future, many restaurant owners will continue to express their political beliefs through business policies. They will continue to provide support for their conservative customers and ensure that they have a business that shares the same political beliefs that they do. For businesses, setting these policies will enable them to not only express their political beliefs but also remain in good standing with their customers. These businesses have struggled during the pandemic and believe that it is essential to keep as many customers as possible. With the policy set by Ugarte and her Florida diner, businesses in the restaurant industry will have a better chance of attaining success in the future by supporting the views of their primary customers.