When retirement rolls around many like to take advantage of life in ways they weren’t able to do much during their workdays. Many enjoy their time off by staying home and doing home projects and some enjoy traveling. Ian Hirschsohn and Kathey Harvey are one of the many that have been making memories through their retirement years. Ian Hirschsohn was a 78-year-old retired aerospace engineer and a Princeton graduate. His girlfriend, Kathey Harvey was a 73-year-old retired physical therapist. They both loved to travel and experience the joys of life.

They have a home near El Socorrito, Mexico they have been renting for 25 years. They often take trips there until one trip changed everything completely. Their last trip was supposed to last just a few short days but unfortunately didn’t go as planned. The couple was well-loved by many family and friends. Everyone knew of this second home and their trips there. One day the family and friends hadn’t heard anything from the couple, which was very uncommon. They started to get worried about them and ended up filing a missing person report. The report led to the United States Embassy getting tweeted by Chip Setzer stating “my father-in-law Ian Hirschsohn and his girlfriend, Kathy Harvey, are missing in Baja. They were last seen in San Diego on 08/31. Please help. He’s driving a mid-90’s Dark Green Toyota Land Cruiser.”

News had spread quickly about the couple. The Mexican authorities went to the home of the couple for a look around. They came to discover the home had been ransacked. They assumed a burglar had broken in and everything had gotten worse from there. While looking around the property they discovered the couple at the very bottom of a well. This led to the family and friends being horrified by the tragedy that took place. Some foul play had occurred that ended the couple’s lives. The authorities have not published any details regarding the case but have arrested one suspect. On September 8th Chip Setzer tweeted the couple had been located with a tragic ending. He stated he would make a later post regarding his thoughts and advised everyone to hug those they love as tomorrow isn’t promised. A tweet on Twitter was later posted on September 9th that read that the couple’s bodies were located at a bottom of a well. The post also stated information regarding the couple’s previous careers and how their stay was supposed to be for 3 days but had an unexpected turn. It goes to show that peace is not everywhere and there are still bad people in this world we live in. Whether at home or embracing travel, stay alert and be safe.