Cats are known to bring positivity into people’s lives. Studies have shown that owning a cat can lower your stress levels, make one less stressed and happier. Scientific findings have also proven that owning a cat may reduce your risk for high blood pressure as petting cats and taking care of cats is very soothing. Cat lovers are a special kind of human who genuinely loves cats and wants the best for them. People who love cats have a loving personality and tend to have a soft spot for stray cats hoping to be adopted. Stephanie Lindquist-Johnson of Roeland Park, Kansas, and her six-year-old son Phillip already generously gave their time to volunteer at Another Chance Cat Rescue but wanted to do more to help out. They ingeniously used common materials from around the house and created something useful to help guard homeless cats against the elements.

With the use of tape, styrofoam coolers, and black trash bags, the mother-son duo was able to create homes for cats in need with a little help after asking for styrofoam cooler donations from neighbors on Nextdoor. They cut entrances and exits in each styrofoam cooler and secured and wrapped them with heavy-duty trash bags. Lindquist-Johnson then stuffs each hand-made home with straw for cats to lay on and in. The little kitty homes offer excellent insulation for felines to stay warm and dry away from the cold and rain. Stephanie says that she feels so sorry for the animals out there because “it’s been so cold.” Stephanie and her son distribute the homes based on where residents think they’re needed.

Good samaritans have stepped up through word of mouth and continued to donate to the mother and son’s heartfelt project to help all animals have a warm, safe place to seek shelter. Lindquist-Jones posted on her Facebook page: “So many people within our NextDoor community have continued to support this much needed cause by donating supplies and making cash donations so we can continue to make these.” She says she is addicted to helping make shelters for any furry friend who needs help, and they’re having a lot of fun doing it. Let’s hope her positive influence catches on, and we see this project continue in other areas of the country! The cat shelter making team of two have no plans to stop unless they go into debt over it because they enjoy doing it. They have created 44 cat shelters and counting and donated 26 shelters for a project warmth event that The Humane Society of Greater Kansas City and Great Plains SPCA HERO team in December. Stephanie Lindquist-Johnson is known as a cat’s best friend in her community, and we have to agree!