After gaining much success from her latest memoir, Becoming, Michelle Obama has deemed herself as a “sex symbol”. The title itself had risen much controversy with the audience at her book-selling event. Aside from her memoir becoming one of the best-selling books of its kind throughout human history, Michelle Obama states that throughout her childhood and growing her, many people objectified her as a black woman. Not only was she statistically profiled as a black woman, all throughout her prolific career, but people also viewed her as a higher-powered attorney.

Such titles did not scare Michelle Obama from becoming the successful woman she is, but what it did do is deem her as a victim of frequent cat-calling when passing through larger crowds. Being objectified from such an early age, Michelle Obama had to deal with the favoritism of teachers and the way the world has seen young girls be. Michelle Obama stated that even the teachers were not looking at her or any female of her age group as potential leaders but more so as being subjective to a man instead. This type of stereotyping did not bring much rewarding mentality to the young women as appraisal was given to the boys to reach for the stars. Such debacle over how the world viewed women compared to men was an ever-going issue for Michelle Obama and many other women alike. For years women have been subject to limitations and standards that did not hold up the same for men. Women were not given the same amount of abilities and resources to flourish the same as men. It has even been noticed that while being married to the former President of the United States Michelle Obama was given the role of being a dutiful wife and caretaker of her children’s appointments and home life affairs, while Barack Obama was allowed to flourish in the limelight and given the opportunity to grow his career financially.

Accepting many speaking arrangements to further promote her memoir, Becoming, Michelle Obama is believed to have grown quite the ego when stating she was seen as a sex symbol. Alike many women within their youthful years, Michelle Obama has explained her reasoning behind the statement and it doe not exceed what most young women have also experienced as well. Some of the reviewers found this statement also to be quite controversial due to the familiarity of actions that happen in Chicago and New York where the statement was derived from. Michelle Obama detailed further on the statement stating that at various times men would catcall her while she was walking down the street and would potentially speak upon the way she was dressed and carried herself. Being subject to such acts did not sit well with Michelle Obama and she now believes that men had looked at her as a potential sex symbol. Critics raved with the disbelief that Michelle Obama would use such a derogatory statement in an effort to attract more readers in buying her book. Most could not fathom believing it was true, until watching one of her speaking arrangements in a video. Assumption ran that Michelle Obama should not have such a big ego, especially after being First Lady for the allotted amount of years and that it was time to leave the limelight where it once was.