Laci Somer is a renowned model, recording artist, and actress. She has invested a lot of hard work and time in every activity, which has yielded to creating other online enterprises and different income streams. Further, it has led to interactions with other musicians and entrepreneurs as Laci seeks to get better through great connections, making excellent decisions in business and music.

You will mostly see her as a model, thanks to a great body, but she is business savvy. In most cases, you find her working on many projects behind the scenes in cooperation with some globally recognized smart individuals. Many people do not expect her to be part of significant entrepreneurial initiatives due to her appearance. Consequently, you may expect her to relax around the beach and go on a shopping spree in popular locations. However, she is a hard worker who enjoys every bit of her life since she has worked for it. It’s worth noting that Laci Somer started as an MMA ring girl, and affiliates were impressed by her efforts, which culminated in accessing the Playboy mansion.

Somer also tries her best to influence others to strive for better life accomplishments from personal to business goals. Every day she works on maintaining an excellent body shape and also goes ahead to educate others on the right ways of healthy living. Further, she is a certified fitness trainer, which she has worked on since she was a teenager. Unlike other people with her abilities who continuously post their pictures on social media in bathing suits, Laci believes in actions. Therefore, she goes a notch higher and shows her audience different exercising abilities and cooking prowess, which acts as a motivation to most viewers.

Content is key to Somer’s Success

Laci Somer has a significant following on social media, primarily on Instagram and YouTube. She has identified how to grow the platforms and use them to generate revenue through brand deals and sponsorships. Additionally, Somer is a firm believer in creating quality content for her followers. She is also cautious enough about who she associates with, as she believes people always want to be around you just because you are famous but do not add value to your life. Therefore, Laci maintains a small circle of genuine people around her since you can never be sure of whom to trust once you become an internet celebrity. Her music career takes over when she does not do her social media influencing or attending fitness tasks. Her musical journey started way back when she was a child and has continuously worked on it.

One notable occasion is when she auditioned for America Idol at North Carolina as a teenager and sang the national anthem. Unfortunately, she did not get through, but her dedication pushed her to continue pursuing her dream. Her persistence bore fruits since she has worked with great producers in and around her hometown. They have helped Somer produce various covers, music videos, and more. Her success has not gone unnoticed to her haters, but she doesn’t give them any attention.

Somer believes in being true to herself and getting a unique path in her career. Further, she knows current success can be an obstacle if you decide to be complacent; thus, Laci makes sure she continually innovates herself to remain on top.