Since the Dr. Phil show debuted in 2002, he has had numerous teenage guests on the stage to hear their stories, assist in problem-solving, and allows them to share their views. Dr. Phil brought a 19-year-old woman named Haley on the show who unequivocally convinced that she can feel a baby moving inside her. Even though she has taken several negative pregnancy tests and has been to numerous doctors to corroborate that she is not pregnant, she remains headstrong. After a procedure giving evidence live on the air with Dr. Phil, Haley continued to think that she was carrying an unborn child even with all presented evidence to the contrary. No one in her personal life believes that she is pregnant, including friends, family, pastors at her church. However, Haley persists that she is pregnant with “baby Jesus” and honestly believes that she is carrying a miracle child.

Travis Stork, a host and medical professional on the tv program “The Doctors,” assisted in giving Haley an ultrasound in “The Doctors” studio to prove or disprove her baby’s existence. “The Doctors” studio has all the high-end equipment and full examination rooms on-site for guest patients like Haley. The 19-year-old was very excited to receive the procedure since it was her first ultrasound. The gel was put on a wand and rolled over Haley’s belly, and she asked if the assistant could see a baby. The assistant could not answer because the doctor gives information to patients after the ultrasound is complete. In the studio, Dr. Travis Stork sat next to Haley with his findings. Before presenting the findings to Haley, she answered questions about the procedure. She said the ultrasound was “was nice… that was my first ultrasound.” She continues by stating that it “was really weird because she was pressing hard and stuff, but… that was weird.” The doctor then shared the findings directly with Hadley and Dr. Phil. Dr. Stork told the audience that “the most notable thing on this ultrasound isn’t what we see, it’s what we don’t see.” The ultrasound went completely over the pelvis and abdomen areas in which a baby would be present, and Hadley was indeed not pregnant. Dr. Travis Stork further explained that when Haley felt movement, she was feeling her looping bowels.

The doctor’s findings did not convince Hadley. She told Dr. Stork that the ultrasound does not prove anything, and she told him, “you can’t lie to Jesus.” Despite the evidence, Haley wants to remain strong and still believes she is pregnant. Her mother has been critical of Haley’s claims because she is known for being dishonest on top of the evidence of numerous negative pregnancy tests. Haley states, “I know it’s Jesus. I don’t care if my family disowns me. It really comes down to if you’re a true believer in Jesus or not.”