Elvie Shane has a hit song entitled “My Girl.” The message that it shares often has an impact on many of the people who listen to it when it’s played. Ashley Romano loves her stepdaughter Aubree as though she were her own child, and when Aubree hurts, Ashley hurts as well. Ashley was making a video for the popular media outlet TikTok when she noticed that Aubree started breaking down with tears streaming down her face. The song that they were listening to was the Elvie Shane hit. Thousands of people from across the world have viewed the video and have shared their heartfelt messages of love and support for the little girl.

Ashley wanted to make the video as a way to record Aubree’s reaction to the words. Ashley didn’t think that the song would touch Aubree as it did or that the little girl would have an intense reaction. The message in the song was what Aubree wanted to say to Ashley but couldn’t quite find the right words to do so on her own. When Aubree listened to the words, a wave of emotion came over her because she knew that it was exactly what she needed to hear and what she wanted to say. When Ashley saw her stepdaughter’s reaction to the song, she knew that she must be doing something right. She leaned over to give Aubree a hug to show her that she felt the same way. Aubree’s mother is still alive and still plays an active role in the little girl’s life. Aubree is simply blessed to have two mothers who both love her so very much. Everyone gets along with each other because they want the best life for Aubree.


I was NOT expecting that 😭🥺 I LOVE YOU AUBREE! #stepmom #daughter #iloveyou #fyp #YearOnTikTok

♬ My Girl Elvie Shane – Elvie Shane

As more people viewed the video, it made Aubree’s biological mother want to come forward and talk about the role that Ashley plays in her daughter’s life. She is happy that Ashley is her stepmother and couldn’t have asked for anyone better to step in and fill the role that she’s taken on in helping to raise Aubree. Aside from the millions of views, there have been thousands of people who have shared the video with their friends and family and on social media pages so that other people can see that blended family members can love each other just like biological families. There have been numerous people who have commented on the video and have received responses from Ashley. Some have talked about how Aubree knew what the lyrics meant and how she reacted. Others have shared their own stories of having a stepparent who has treated them as their own child as well so that Aubree knows that she’s not alone.