Ivanka Trump is no stranger to the political scene. As former President Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, regularly took the spotlight to help her father campaign and further his agenda during his presidency. Many people speculate that due to Ivanka’s hands-on approach during Trump’s presidency, that she is laying the groundwork for her own political career. Recent tweets made by Ivanka Trump are even leading supporters to believe that she will bid for Presidency in 2024.

Governor Kim Reynolds of Iowa recently made a tweet celebrating Iowa’s nearly 200 years of statehood. Ivanka Trump then retweeted the Governor’s post, with a red heart emoji exclaiming, “Iowa!” Ivanka has regularly campaigned in Iowa for not only her father but Republican candidates at the state level as well. Most recently, Ivanka campaigned in Iowa to support her father’s reelection efforts and for Republican Senator Joni Ernst. Polling has shown that Ivanka’s speeches in Iowa tend to benefit Republicans at voting time. This is no small feat considering the major role Iowa plays in the electoral college.

Therefore, a tweet supporting Iowa has significant implications to analysts. Some have speculated that Ivanka’s tweet is a way to cozy up to Iowa citizens before the 2024 Presidential election. If Ivanka had plans to run in the next election she would certainly understand how important winning the state of Iowa would be. However, this theory has its own loopholes. Most notably, it would conflict with an initiative to re-elect Donald Trump for a second term.