Nick Cannon, the famous rap artist, and actor, recently had exciting views to share on his YouTube Podcast. According to the celebrity, White people are ill-minded and should fall into savages, rapists, or evil individuals. While he was airing his views, it eventually led to him losing a high-paying job at ViacomCBS. The show goes by the name “Cannon Class,” They recently released a controversial piece that includes racists remarks. The show has gone viral and has hurt Nick’s career. To be specific, the YouTube show included the equally famous “Richard Griffin the Professor,” who was part of the Public Enemy group. Griffin lost his job as part of the rap sock back in the 1980s after claiming that Jewish people were “wicked.” The interview lasted for over one and half hours and included interesting remarks between Griffin and Cannon. According to both parties, “White people stole the real identity of the Black people.” The interview mentions that Black people are the original Hebrews and that White people stole their identity.

Cannon was airing his opinions as part of the many conspiracy theories he has encountered in the past. He mentioned several exciting perspectives about the depth of the conspiracy theories. For instance, he said the issue of the Rothschilds, centralized banking, and the families that control many activities worldwide. Nick believes that these White families have had a significant role in the direction the world has taken to today. These White families have also had a considerable impact on the several racial disparities that occur today. The interview also included topics that focused on the ancient lives of Black Hebrew Israelites. Cannon spoke about the controversial nature of the term “Semitic.” According to Cannon, the role of the word is to create social divisions and demean the Black African community. During the interview, Cannon mentioned that “we are the Semitic people, and that they were the original Hebrews, which is contrary to historical publications.” As time progressed, the intensity of the interview increased as Cannon and Griffin when deep into the discussion. Cannon mentioned that White people fell in the category of savages because they often displayed barbaric tendencies.

According to Nick Cannon, the best example of such trends would be how white people colonized the world. Cannon further mentions that these people lacked a sense of empathy and social awareness. He said that they don’t realize the importance of melanin in the skin and that most racism problems were due to White people’s unusual tendencies. According to Nick Cannon, the white people” act out of fear, and that they don’t understand the importance of living a social life.” Cannon further mentions that he believes most of the vicious tendencies of white people are a result of fear. Various significant media publications and houses were quick to respond to the issue. For instance, ViacomCBS had an interesting perspective to share. The statement by the famous media house mentioned that they were aware of the importance of the fight against bigotry in society. However, the media house also raised concern about the nature of Nick’s conversation and its negative image of society. The conclusion by the media house was to terminate their contract with Nick Cannon. While they have lost a crucial team member, the media house must maintain an excellent public image.