There are all kinds of hardships that come with being either a teacher or substitute teacher in the classroom. Being able to follow a curriculum is no easy task when there are behavior issues or a child gets sick and has to see the nurse. However, in Las Vegas, a fourth-grade student became the talk of the town when a substitute teacher decided to tape a face mask on the child’s face. Other students in the classroom made fun of the boy, and now the parents are wanting answers as to why this happened. The child attends Reedom Elementary School in Mountains Edge, Nevada, and the mother is angry as to why he had to go through this.

The Delta variant is highly contagious with thousands of people getting sick by the day, and critics believe that this is what is causing educators to do extreme things when it comes to having safety procedures and other protocols in place. The other students and staff do need to be protected, but does it have to come down to taping a mask on a child’s face? According to the student, this is not the first time that a teacher has done this. He pointed out that they have been taping masks to the faces of students since the school year started. It was all done to make sure that all staff and students are staying safe. The mother believes that this was done to make the students feel bad about not wearing their masks appropriately. “I was furious, furious,” she said. “I was scared for my son on what kind of long-term effect it is going to have on him socially, the fact that the entire class was laughing. … He was crying. He was humiliated.” Her son went into specific detail about the whole incident, and she thinks something should be done about what happened. Of course, she states that she believes in wearing face masks for everyone’s protection against Covid-19, but it should not have been done in this manner.

The mom, who does not want to give her name, has filed a police report and is making a decision on whether she should take legal action or not against the school if they continue with this barbaric practice. She believes that it is a form of corporal punishment that shouldn’t be happening. The taping of the masks to student’s faces needs to stop. As for the school, they are treating it as an isolated incident and are dealing with the substitute teacher by going through the necessary steps which involve an investigation. The principal did follow proper protocol by notifying the family that an investigation was being done into the matter.