A Henrico County police officer broke the internet when he went ahead and did the unexpected. Chy-Niece Thacker did not expect what happened to her after being pulled over by the police officer over a broken brake light. Chy-Niece was concerned when she spotted Officer Jenkins pulling her over. She began rummaging through her glove compartment for her registration papers. However, as the officer approached the vehicle, he notified Chy-Niece that the only reason for stopping her was to inform her of her brake light, which was off.

On hearing this, Thacker relaxed a bit and decided to tell Officer Jenkins about her troubles. He informed him of how she had just recently had her brake lights replaced, and was worried about the cost of fixing her car’s wiring. To her amazement, instead of booking her a ticket, the police officer offered to help her instead. He asked her to open the trunk and bonnet and inspected both relay boxes to try and figure out what the car’s issue was.

The officer’s readiness to assist Thacker was a surprise to her and showed just how committed the officer was to serve. He switched his role from a police officer to a mechanic to assist a driver in distress, showing he cared about her well-being on the road. Chy-Niece took to Facebook to share the heartwarming story of her encounter with officer Jenkins, and how he understood what it truly meant to be a cop; being ready to offer community service, not just wielding a weapon and chasing down bad guys. He truly deserves more credit for his deeds.