Who doesn’t love ice cream? From the traditional ice cream flavor to those unusual flavors, everyone has their pick of flavor they think is unbelievably good. So what are some of your favorite ice cream? How many flavors have you tried? You probably think that the ice cream flavor you enjoyed is one of the all-time best in the world. However, if you would search online, you would find plenty of bizarre ice cream flavors that will tempt you to try. The popular treat has garnered a huge following with negative and positive reviews. This new craze flavor is called mac & cheese ice cream. You heard me right, mac & cheese. Now you’re probably wondering why would anyone choose a cheesy creamy and buttery item for an ice cream flavor?

As bizarre as the name represents for an ice cream flavor, it exists. The popularity of this flavor has many people leaving reviews on the internet that include Josh Pray. The comedian posted on YouTube a quote saying, “We are in the final days. This is a terrible idea? Absolutely.” His comment further added that whoever thought of this had the mentality of a first-grader. The limited-edition flavor was a brainchild of the company to honor National Mac and Cheese Day and Van Leeuwen Ice Cream. The associate brand manager of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese stated, “The company desires to combine the two favorite foods and produce a memorable flavor.”

People can enjoy a gluten-free ice cream with Kraft Mac and cheese trademark yellow-orange color. Leeuwen sells the treat for twelve dollars for one pint next to other flavors and vegan alternatives. Anyone can also purchase the flavor online whenever it becomes accessible. This flavor is so popular that the site goes down because of so many individuals buying this one flavor.