They say the name you are given defines your personality so naming a child is the ultimate responsibility. The name one chooses for their child potentially can define characteristics of their personalities and how they grow up. This is just an old tale but does it have any truth? Names are assigned at birth and usually, one cannot change their name after the birth certification and done and signed, the mother is now regretting her decision to have named her daughter what she did.

For this mother, naming her baby girl because a controversial argument amongst many in fear that the name she was given might be too “sexy” for an infant. Some said that it reminded them of a showgirl or a burlesque dancer. Others said it was too generic. Are they being too harsh on this mother? The mother mentioned that the name Ruby has sentimental value to her and is a family name. The surname Hart well is a family name as well. The child’s full name would be “Ruby Hart”. She thought that this name was timeless, would never age, and was elegant but quickly received a lot of backlash and harsh comments regarding the name. The mother is afraid that this name could lead her daughter into a risky way of life later down the line since people are saying this would be a great stage name or even a porn star’s name. Some also said Ruby was just not a nice name and proceeded by commenting that it is ay too generic of a name. On the contrary, the mother also got some supportive comments from other people as well saying that it is a nice name and not a “stripper” or “porn star” name at all. It is elegant and has a beautiful ring to it. Some commenters sided with the mother and did agree that this was a nice name for the child. Some were supportive in saying that the name was short and beautiful. “Hart” is a generic surname and Ruby is short and sweet. It does have some quirkiness to it to have Ruby Hart as a name but it definitely adds personality, another mom commented.

Names are an important part of who we are but do they really paint out a future for us? Do they define our character traits or is this just an old wives tale? What do you think about the name for this young infant and should the mother be changing it? Would you name your child Ruby? What would you do if you were in this mother’s situation, would you listen to all of the negative comments or decide to keep the name as it is?