As people go to the polls, they will have to choose between 2 very different men but it seems there is one thing they both have in common: they both have been accused of assault by women. One of the most prominent accusers is a woman by the name of Tara Reade who claims Biden pinned her against the wall & reached up to her skirt. Of course, there is quite a bit of evidence that seems to suggest she may not be as trustworthy as she appears but in spite of this, it is something Democrats have to deal with as the election nears. One of the members of the squad, Omar, recently made her feelings on the subject quite clear as she said that, while she does believe Reade, she will cast her ballot for Biden at the polls. This is due to the fact that she believes him to be the lesser of 2 evils. She went on to say that while justice may be delayed, it should never in fact be denied for anyone. Biden has since denied that any of it ever happened.

He recently came out to say that anyone who believes her will probably not vote for him on account of that. In a recent statement, Omar made it clear how important it is that we believe survivors but know that his opponent is a much greater threat to our nation. This is why she will be voting for him when November comes around. As the case unfolds it seems Reade’s lawyer has since dropped her due to the fact that she lied when it comes to her own educational background. This man was named Douglas Wigdor who has gotten a lot of notoriety over the years for his high-profile defense of Bill O’Reilly & Harvey Weinstein a few years back. He did not elaborate on why he chose to drop her as a client but it does not seem to bode well for her legal battle in the future. It may also have to do with the fact that her character flaws first came to light when she tried to qualify to be a witness on an attempted murder case back in 2018.

She claimed that working as a Biden staffer helped her to be the perfect fit for this type of role. The client was soon found guilty & she helped him to get a life sentence. She later was known to be a good witness who was honest. Just because the 2 candidates on the ballot have a shady past does not mean that the voters are not ready to cast their ballots in huge numbers. As one of the newbies in Congress, Omar has come to be a household name due to the fact that she is part of the squad which includes two of her good friends, AOC and Cori Bush. It is not clear what will become of Reade but it does not seem as if it will make it to trial anytime soon. Reade claims that the incident took place back in the mid-’90s but it is not clear why she waited so long to come forward with these claims. In any case, it does not seem as if it will derail either campaign anytime soon.