Deborah Tramitz is a 28-year-old German fashion model who has a special hobby. Tramitz strongly believes in a healthy diet, daily exercise, and eight hours of sleep every night. Every morning, the popular German fashion model drinks a cup of detox tea to stay hydrated. Instead of using calorie counters to help her diet, she substitutes some of her meals with a protein shake. Tramitz drinks at least 64 ounces of water a day. Tramitz also enjoys a good cup of coffee in the morning.

Deborah Tramitz was a physical fitness student who plans to make physical fitness her career. The model was born in Cologne, Germany, on February 12, 1993. Tramitz loves to do body lunges and squats that can tone the rear to improve or maintain body shape. The German model believes in full-body exercises to be done a few days a week for a half hour. Tramitz uses a dietary plan to make sure she gets the right nutrition and low fat. The German model also uses a personalized exercise plan.

Despite her dedication to physical fitness, Tramitz does not think a person’s physical appearance is the main quality. People all have their own special quality regardless of what physical shape they are in. Tramitz does not like people who criticize others for the way they look.
Deborah Tramitz has photos and promotes different fitness and diet brands on her Instagram account. Tramitz’s photos are suggestions for outfits that other women can put together. The model agreed to pose for the package of a well-known energy bar. Tramitz gives snack food tips on her Instagram. Most women see Deborah Tramitz as a fitness guru, and she wants to be a positive inspiration. Ms. Tramitz has modeled for the cover of many fashion magazines including Vogue. Tramitz wants to help people become healthier and sexier in body and mind.
Most people don’t know that Deborah Tramitz dropped out of college to begin her fitness career. Tramitz admits she has cheat days. The model loves chocolate and chilli cheese burgers as some of her favorite diet cheat meals. Tramitz’s spluges with fattening treats are only one or two days a week. The rest of the time she sticks to a weight loss and maintenance diet.

Deborah Tramitz is offering a 30-Day Booty Exercise Challenge. The Booty Exercise challenge includes squats, glute kickbacks, single leg glute bridges, situps, hops, and lunges. Every six days, there is a rest day. The Booty Exercise session consists of just three different exercises. Exercise does not have to be mundane if a person listens to her favorite music. Routine exercise is not the only way to stay fit. One can practice the latest dance steps. Fun activities like horseback riding can help take off the weight. Swimming is an excellent way to get fit if you swim laps.