That fateful day in late August of 1997 will go down in memory as one of the most tragic to hear and the most controversial stories to unfold. When Princess Diana’s car was racing through the streets of Paris in an effort to dodge the paparazzi, she met her death at the hands of the driver behind the wheel of her car, and it set in motion a litany of questions surrounding what actually happened. It’s no secret that Princess Diana was one of the most beloved people in the world. She had the most humanitarian heart and tortured soul, which allowed her to divert from the Royal Family and do her own thing. It was a fairytale beginning in 1981 when she was the chosen bride to marry Prince Charles, heir to the throne of England. Diana not only turned heads and warmed hearts everywhere she went, but her persona essentially upended the monarchy and became somewhat controversial.

From the moment her princess life began, she was the epitome of grace and royalty. Yet, Diana had an independent streak that allowed her to care for the poor, the sick, and causes close to her heart. She also had an inkling that Prince Charles wasn’t exactly faithful in their relationship, as he had an ongoing affair and friendship with Camilla Parker Bowles. It was this third-party interference that led to the breakup and subsequent divorce of Charles and Diana. Following the much-publicized split, the Princess of Wales was left to her own devices as she struck out on her own. She dated several high-profile men and fell in love with one name Dodi Fayed, whom she accompanied to Paris on that tragic evening of August 31, 1997. It was a day when basically the world stopped. After news of the crash rang around the globe, one doctor who tried desperately to save Princess Diana was Dr. MonSef Dahman, a true hero who did everything he could to save the princess after the horrible wreck that took place in the Paris tunnel.

Dr. MonSef Dahman initially had no idea who was arriving into his emergency unit during those evening hours, however, he later learned that she was the most famous person in the world. Dr. Dahman is now speaking out after almost 25 years following the tragic accident. He had a caring spirit and wanted to ensure he squashes all the rumors once Diana arrived at his hospital. His one main goal was to enlist every medic in the operating room to furiously attempt to save this special woman’s life. He was never told it was Lady Diana, simply that it was a young woman coming full speed into the emergency room. Dr. Dahman has never spoken publicly about the incident and how he treated her, until now. As Princess Diana laid on his table, he did everything he could to revive her, including electric shocks, administering adrenaline, and even cardiac massage. But it was too late. Lady Di could not be saved and she passed away in the late hours of August 31, 1997. Even though the medical team had blatantly refused to give up in their efforts to save her life, Dr. Dahman continued to do absolutely everything he could and then some. Too much time had passed, and yet, the young woman on his table was given 200% of the medical team’s attempts. It was a lot to bear for this 33-year old doctor at that time, however, today, Dr. MonSef Dahman will go down as the most significant person after the Paris tragedy, and the only one who did his absolute utmost to save the life of Princess Diana.