Though many parents know just how fun pools i the backyard can be, they also know that they can be incredibly dangerous especially for small children who cannot swim or are not good at swimming yet. Unfortunately, even the most careful of parents can endure heartbreaking moments when they turn their backs even just for a moment and that moment can be devastating if not deadly for the children in question. Pools are especially dangerous for small children as many children as not old eough to take swimming lessons or are not skilled enough to swim in the pool alone without an adult.

Recently, two police officers had to respond to a heartbreaking call that could have been much worse, with a family in this exact situation, where the child could have been hurt much worse than he was. Two police officers responded to a call that a child of three years old had fallen in the family pool ad started drowing in the water.

The body camera footage that was taken off of the two police officer’s cameras reveals exactly what happened from the moment they arrived on the scene of the incident until they were able to revive the little girl. THe precious three year old girl would have been taken from her loving family far too soon in her life if it were not for the quick thinking and brave actions that the two police officer demonstrated.

The two officers, who are a part of the Pensacola Police Department in Florida, came to a grandparet’s property in Florida and found the three year old girl who was blue and not responding to their prodding. They quickly saw that she was unable to breathe and therefore was very close to death, and they needed to jump into quick action to bring her back. It was June 13 that this happened, and officer Kyle Skipper, the first officer on the scene, got to work on the little girl as soon as he got there.

When he arrived on scene, he was greeted by the sight of the little toddler’s grandmother frantically performing CPR on the toddler in attempts to sace her life. Officer Skipper got the grandmother to step aside so that he could take over for her and really jump into the emergency life-saving techniques that he was trained to do.

As he performed CPR on the girl, he also would turn her over and forcefully strike her on the back in attempts to clear the water out of her throat so that she could breathe again. Thankfully, he knew just how hard to strike the back and the water came out of her throat and out of her airways.

Soon after officer Skipper began work on the toddler, officer Robert Linblom also arrived on the scene. Linblom broke out an AED and prepared to shock the girl’s heart to hopefully spring it back into action and revive her. Thankfully, she began to breathe on her own before officer Linbolm had to use the AED on her. Everyone was more than grateful and moved to tears when she started to get air again and had a pulse once again. Once she started breathing, the offivers turned her on her side so that no vomit or water would get lodged in her airways again. Not long later, EMS arrived and the girl was quickly transported to the nearest hospital where she was given additional care. The three year old made a full recovery and is now home with her family living a normal busy toddler life.