Lucie Jaid is an Australian model, using social media to influence the lives of others. She has gained her popularity with the promotional posts she has on her social media accounts and the humor and advice to inspire people. Jaid was born in Anglesea, Victoria as an Aussie native. Her primary career was clinical phycology that she studied at the Swinburne University of Technology. However, with her talent for being an attractive, blonde, and green eyes, she got a modeling job, and she is now rocking the industry.

One of the platforms that she boasts most is Instagram, where she has more than 483,000 followers. Besides that, she is active on her personal Facebook and Twitter accounts when sharing some of her personal life experiences. Not forgetting, she has her YouTube channel, posting videos of her wearing various bodysuits that she promotes. Her fame in promoting such bodysuits has been on the rise, and in 2018, she was featured in Mexican magazines and websites.

Besides modeling, Lucie Jaid is a comedian, and her sense of humor amuses her fans. On her social media handles, she advises her followers by writing funny comments. These comments are meant to cheer her followers and be positive in life. At the same time, she takes such chances to market the products she is promoting, especially the swimsuits. Her Facebook page is full of pictures that she takes wearing bikinis in the sea, swimming pools, rock formations, and palm trees in different world places. Her fans’ advice is to spare time and enjoy themselves, chilling out in places they would dream of. She says that her fun moment is when she goes to an ocean road trip or walking in her local botanical garden. She uses photos of her personal life to influence her followers. When she moved to Spain in April, her fans thought she was married and was off to get a baby. However, she responded to such questions by commenting that such commitments are still early for her, and her main goal is to get more.

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Lucie Jaid’s fame has significantly grown since she has been involved in promoting the swimsuits. She has been famous even among celebrities, and now they have started following her back. In as much as she has many followers on her Instagram account, she only follows 2,948 members. The popularity she has gained in this social media page is due to the 322 posts that she has made. She believes in a positive vide about life and refers to herself as a low key of her advice she posts on her Instagram page is that one should aim high in their life and never be afraid to lose people who don’t matter in their lives. With fame and wealth she has gained from her modeling and promotional activities, Lucie Jaid is only 22 years old.

Her talent has made her achieve great results, and still have a bright future ahead of her. She has started to develop a friendship with other celebrities in the industry and is now friends with another young Aussie start who features in a popular reality show. Therefore, her modeling talent has made her gain popularity in the industry, and this can be an encouragement to others who have skills and have dreams to be better people in life.